Vintage design for Patek Philippe Watch

A vintage icon
The one ancient wristwatch on offer from the collection happens to be one of the most significant wristwatches  manufactured by Patek Philippe: the storied one thousand nine hundred twenty three and three  Officier, an Extremely scarce and crucial Full Gold Single Button Split-Seconds Chronograph Wristwatch with Enamel Dial originally sold on thirteen October 1923 (est. $800,000/1.2 million). The earliest split-seconds chronograph produced by the factory, this watch redefined scholarship on Patek Philippe when it last sold at auction in one thousand nine hundred ninety and nine – setting an auction record for any wristwatch at that time – it probed by that the firm had created a split-seconds chronograph years before what had been known. This special timepiece  is differentiated  further as the only split-seconds chronograph by Patek Philippe to feature a white ceramic dial.And the replica also adopt the high tech, so it has the same image with the real Patek Philippe. It’s also to start to innovate  a high tech and high quality replicas. Maybe, one day, nobody can tell the real and fake.

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