Patek Philippe Lady Watch and the Feminine Art

The stage for the abundant diamond-set chaplet of the Ref. 4895R is an 18K rose gold case modeled after the classical round Calatrava style that dates back to 1932 when Patek Philippe first launched  this wonderful design. The one hundred sixty and two rectangle diamonds (~5.62 ct.) are draped around the dial in up to 5 rows and have flared ends over the bracelet. All the diamonds in the  rectangle rows are closed,  inventing a beautiful contrast between the pink rose gold color of the bezels and the white gleam of the stones. The classical 18K rose gold prong buckle is set with 20 rectangle  stones (~0.72 ct.) and protects a very good shiny alligator bracelet with  square scales in a shade of black that well matches the color of the dial. The dial is at once low-pitched and graceful . Its perfect black color contrasts against the white of the stones  and the rich warmth of rose gold. This black is produced by consecutively applying 12 coats of lacquer, and each image must be absolutely unblemished. Even the rare dust particle trapped in one of these many appearance would ruin the dial, so impeccable conditions are essential. The watch is glorious. so the replica has the same effect. you will be attracted by the replicas too.

Vintage design for Patek Philippe Watch
Patek Philippe With Chronograph