The introduction for the Movement of Patek Philippe

This watch is a self-winding timepiece. The going train and the automatic winding system, based on a traditional construction tried and tested by Patek Philippe, brings no real surprises other than renewed admiration for its exemplary finishing. Nonetheless, while all the rules of the art are fully respected, there is nothing ostentatious about that aspect of this watch. Côtes de Genève, circular graining, bevelled steel parts and bridges : the famous “Geneva” quality is omnipresent in an understated manner that would doubtless have pleased Calvin. Nonetheless, the technological innovations developed in recent years are clearly present in this movement, albeit invisible to an inexperienced observer, since most of them are focused on the escapement and the regulating organ : the four-spoke Gyromax® balance wheel and its slotted poising weights, along with the Spiromax® balance- spring in Silinvar® that maintains the oscillations at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. While these inventions are as yet too recent to enable a long-term vision of how components stemming from these technologies will age, they quite clearly ensure improved timing precision. Calibre 324 SC bears the Patek Philippe Seal with its exceptionally stringent tolerances.

Every movement need special and professional test. And it special or professional tools to test them. Then, the movement will be perfect and accurate. So, when we sold the replicas watches, some of our customers don’t understand that why we need a long time to prepare the replicas, it because, good replicas is installed, not finished one. It just like a very suitable dress, it’s not standard size, but, it’s customized. And we need test again and again. Then, we need make sure the good quality, then, we will send replicas out.

Exterior of Patek Philippe
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