Exterior of Patek Philippe

The appearance of the timepiece to send out an instantaneous sense of quality is a key point.looking at the contemporary watches in the Patek Philippe, it classified clearly shows a smart mastery of its evolution. An example of the frenzied hobby in large diameters that started a long time ago. The Geneva-based factories never surrendered to the sirens of instantaneous commercial interests and is now mightier than ever, whereas the beefed-up cases of the 1990s and 2000s have been drastically slimmed down over the past few years in order to meet an eminently more classic standard such as is admirably represented by this reference 5527. Moreover, as well as carefully positioning its products, Patek Philippe also experienced a perfectly smooth transition between Philippe and Thierry Stern. The latter is in the process of asserting his personality, all the while honouring the heritage of his forefathers. This is accomplished by instilling the brand with the perfect blend of innovation and modernity designed to ensure that the venerable institution he is currently heading will continue to shine as brightly as ever. The fine curved grooves cut into the gold case middle and the lugs of the new Calatrava cases, and particularly on this 5227 model, are a most significant example of this approach.

Another unique characteristic is that the diameter is 39mm, Its reference is the intangible special and complicated back hidden for the officer-type cases of which the Calatrava collection apply the best and most exciting interpretations. The rest of the exterior or appearance is throughout by a combination of tradition, purity and classicism. The color of the planted and polished surface is cream, there are hours time, while the gold second hands.minute hands and hour hands are of the classical type for royal. Outpouring a strong sense of high quality and glorious with this kind of chaste and virginal appearance of time is an real or original head stroke successfully finished by the great professionals. Simple but classic!

So, the replicas hold the same features with authentic watches. It’s also pure but perfect, and it’s beautiful forever and never out of date.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Model: 5227
The introduction for the Movement of Patek Philippe