what types of rolex watches Have?

Although there are varieties of rolex watches, each of them have their own special features. if you want to purchase a new or used rolex watch and unsure which type fits your wrist, look at some available options :
Undoubtedly rolex Submariner signature timepiece is one brand of sports models. watches have various metal choices include stainless steel, two-tone 18K yellow gold and stainless steel, and 18K yellow or white gold. rolex Submariner is an ideal accessory for any event, whether it is to attend a black tie dinner or diving off the coast of mexico.
Ladies rolex watches
Ladies rolex watches have a bit of broad category, including the classic rolex Datejust, such as the Ladies Oyster Perpetual Datejust. A white-gold option with a crystal cover, other varieties of ladies’ rolexes include Stainless Steel Datejusts, Ladies Presidential watches, Ladies Pearlmaster, Ladies midsize two-tone Datejusts, and more.
Day Date Presidents ii
Celebrated as a statement watch, rolex Day Date President watches ii is “super” version of the classic timepiece, and in 2009 was originally inspired by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who presented a rolex. Available in 18K gold, white gold rose and platinum, president day ii watch is equipped with an extended situation – a more than a sports model.
Sea Dweller
it is well-known as the “ultimate diver’s watch,” rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-dwellers premiered in 1967. it does not have a cyclops window on sapphire crystal or release helium escape valve on the side of the case, including 4000 feet water resistance guarantee! rolex has released an updated version of the sea-dwellers in 2008, 43 mm deep sea model, which features 12,800 feet water resistance. wow!

Patek Philippe

Among most widely used and sturdy watches, rolex is definitely the finest
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