Excellent and Luxury Replica Omega Speedmaster – Defying Gravity 

omegaReplica Omega has proven itself as one of the most famous luxury watch manufacturers in the world, and it was highly prized by collectors. As a matter of fact, they even outsell fake Rolex in some Asian markets and have done so for years. From classic dress watches to exceptional workhorses for professionals, the fake Omega has developed a reputation for creating some of the world’s most respected timepieces which have even saved lives. We’ll discuss why the Speedmaster is such an important part of history in this article, it’s relationship with the space program, and what really sets it apart from its competitors.
Originally designed in 1957, the fake Speedmaster wasn’t originally intended for use in space exploration. On the contrary, it aimed to be used by athletes and race car drivers for timing. Using technology developed in the early 1920s, Omega designed the Speedmaster in honor of the glory days using an engine they first started to explore in 1946 after it was launched by Albert Piguet. Omega had rights to the design since replica Piguet’s company had been acquired by their parent company, SSIH in 1932.
Prior to its official designation, there have been other watches worn in space. Despite the Omega being chosen by Schirra in 1962, the first watch to be worn in space was a Poljot, which is also known as a Sekonda or a Strela. It was worn on June 12, 1965, by Russian Cosmonaut Alexi Leonov who became the first astronaut ever to make a space walk. The watch, a mechanical two register chrono with a 45-minute totalizer and a continuously running second hand would become the official watch of the Russian space program for 20
Over the next few years, new models would be introduced including the special model in 1959 which featured a black aluminum base 1000 bezel and then a second model with a tachymeter 500 bezel and alpha hands. After 4 years, the Speedmaster was updated yet again with the ST 105.002 and then in just a few months, the ST 105.003 with straight baton hands instead of the previous alpha hands. Then, the fake Omega announced its ‘Professional’ designation and released the ST 105.012 with an asymmetrical case that protected the chronograph pushers and its crown. In spite of various designs, all of these fake watches used the same 321 engine which continued until 1968 when Omega replica launched its new caliber 861, dubbed the “Moon watch”.
At the time, the Speedmaster replica watch wasn’t sanctioned as an official watch of NASA’s space program. Qualifications wouldn’t come for three more years, but Astronaut Wally Schirra made the decision to bring his personal Speedmaster with him aboard the Sigma 7 on his flight that would orbit the earth.
Omega replicas took note of this and the press went wild immediately. Pretty soon, many Americans had seen Schirra’s watch and knew that a watch survived one of the earliest space flights. The NASA program was rather new, and the Mercury-Atlas 8 was only its fifth manned mission. As NASA began testing them, astronauts in the program started to recommend various watches from brands they liked. NASA decided that it needed to begin officially testing products and solicited bids from some of the world’s foremost watchmakers including replica Breitling, Rolex, Omega, Hamilton, and Longines-Wittnauer. However, Hamilton submitted a pocket watch instead of a wristwatch and was disqualified immediately.

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